Eureka Springs
Artist' Sites
Eureka Springs Artist' Site's
Acrylics, graphic art, and more.
                     Watercolors by Zeek Taylor, an   
Arkansas native known for his stylized watercolors
                            The art of Rochelle Barda, acrylic,
monotype, collage
                          Painter/sculpter Gallery: Willo
Spring Gallery
                             Watercolor,mixed  media,
acrylics, inks, handmade papers
Susan Storch
                     Woodworking, Galleries: EurKan Art
Studio, Quicksilver
                                             Clay, The art of Jim
Wallace/Loura Waters, Gallery: Paradise Pottery
Iron Works
                      Lamp-work/jeweley design.
Outlet: Crescent Moon Beads     
                                 Painter, Gallery: Willo
Spring Gallery
                                  metal, wood, glass, sound and
movement. Gallery: Celestrial Windz Harmonic Bizaar
                            Folk Art, Wilson and Wilson
Folk Art Co.
                                 batik, Gallery: Cherokee Mountain
                                Oil, Gallery: Cherokee Mountain
                            Acrylic on furniture and canvas,
polymer clay, mixed media. Gallery: EureKan Art
Studio, Eureka Thyme.
                                Metal Art, Gallery: Eureka Fine
Art Company
                           Precious metals/textiles
Acrylics on canvas
                               Precious metal/gemstones/
crystals. Gallery:W.Fox
Ink, The art of Jayme Osterstrom
                            Acrylics, watercolor, gouache,
ceramics. The art of Charles Pearce Gallery:
EureKan Art Studio

Painter, self represented
Ink/graphic art
                    Oil on canvas, The art of James
Yale, Eureka Fine Art Company
                     Bead and fiber weaving Gallery: Lux
Weaving Studio
Zeek Taylor
Mary Springer
Doug Stowe
Jim Wallace/Laura Waters
John Robert Willer
Blakeley Wilson
James Yale